Secrets of Natural Walking Level 1 Workshop

Newly added workshop to help participants to qualify to attend higher-level workshops!


- This workshop is specially added to the schedule for those who need to repeat SONW 1 to qualify for other SONW related workshops (but is totally open to new participants too!)

- Registration and payment for this special workshop will be handled separately from the main retreat

- This workshop is taught by SONW Instructor Linda

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Registration Deadline: April 23


About Secrets of Natural Walking...

Did you know the way you walk directly affects your health, body shape and posture?

Yes. Your posture, body shape and health are the reflection of the way you walk and use your body. WATCH STUDY: Posture can affect your mood: Northwestern University study

Undo years of damage to your body with Secrets of Natural Walking® by deeply realigning your spine and adjusting the meridians, muscles and reflexology zones of your whole body, even when you walk in daily life!

Our physical body is specially designed and equipped with natural healing capabilities such as regeneration, self-healing, and health maintenance, but our bad habits inhibit those natural capabilities, making our body worse for wear as we age.

Reverse the clock and reawaken your body’s natural healing capabilities with Secrets of Natural Walking®. 

SONW 1 Workshop Details

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

9:00am - 2:00pm

Hotel Fullerton
1500 N. Raymond Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92831

Registration Deadline:
April 23, 2017

Payment Information:
Will be emailed to you after you register online

If you have not heard from Linda (the instructor) via e-mail within 3 days of your online registration, please e-mail her at to check your status



Email the instructor 🙂